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The Big Daddy Sinatra Series
The Mick Sinatra Series
The Brent Sinatra Series
THE Alex Drakos Series
The Oz Drakos Series

The Reno Gabrini Series
The Rags to Riches Series

The Sal Gabrini Series
The Tommy Gabrini Series

The President's Girlfriend Series
The President's Boyfriend Series

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Bad boy businessman and government operative Trevor Reese never wanted to fall in love.  But when he
met Carly, and hired her to work for him, he couldn’t stop the feeling.  He refuses to admit it to himself, or
anyone else, as their relationship remains his precious secret.  But when his beloved, Carly Sinatra, finds
herself in trouble, his actions speak for him.

With help from her father, Big Daddy Charles Sinatra, and her uncle, Mick the Tick Sinatra, as well as a
heaping side dish of the Gabrinis, Trevor is willing to turn this world upside down to keep Carly safe.

In the first installment of the Trevor Reese series, Trevor learns the hard way that falling in love in his
profession can be hazardous to his health.
Mallory Monroe
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Amelia Sinatra could write a book on heartache and abusiveness, but she wasn’t going out like that.  She, instead,
becomes as badass as her badass half-brothers: the notorious mob boss Mick Sinatra and the ruthless
businessman Big Daddy Charles Sinatra.  She rises to become a respected and feared international drug kingpin, but
in so doing she angers her big brothers, and gains the unwanted attention of the federal government.  Her brothers
want her to stop, and will make her stop if they have to.  But right now, Amelia has vengeance on her mind . . .

Gorgeous and powerful Hamilton “Hammer” Reese, the former CIA Director known for his vicious tactics to get the
bad guys, and his bedroom skills to get the ladies, has admired the infamous Amelia from afar for many years.  Until
one night, when their red-hot passion gets the best of them, a child is conceived.   Now the stakes are higher than
ever and Hammer is discovering that there is a lot more to the elusive Amelia than mind-blowing sex.  He finds
himself falling in love for the first time in his life, and Amelia finds herself unable to keep her own deepening feelings
for a player like Hammer at bay.  But there’s a problem: Reggie Dell, a young lady Hammer adores and protects as if
she were his own daughter, is in love with Hammer too.  And what Reggie wants, Reggie gets . . .

In the first installment of the Amelia Sinatra interracial romance series, Amelia’s undying need to extract revenge on
those who did her wrong, and Hammer Reese’s undying love for Amelia clash violently into a fiery explosion that their
blossoming romance may not be able to quench.
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His Forbidden Love
Mallory Monroe

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Gorgeous billionaire venture capitalist Alexander Drakos immerses himself in the work of his vast
empire after a devastating tragedy causes him to reassess his playboy lifestyle and easygoing, self-
centered existence.  While in Apple Valley, Florida on business, he meets a woman who manages to
capture his attention, and could very well capture his heart.

Karena “Kari” Grant is the young, African-American owner of a struggling cleaning service, and the
single parent of a precocious fourteen-year-old son.  Her world turns upside down when her ex,
mob fixer Vito Visconni, returns from a long prison stint vowing to get his family back, and when her
son falls prey to an unspeakable horror.  Kari turns to Alex for help, and Alex discovers, for the first
time in his life, what to love unselfishly looks and feels like.

In the first book of the Alex Drakos interracial romance series, Alex and Kari must face down
demons that threaten their budding romance, and mobsters and enemies that threaten their very
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His Scandalous Family
Alex Drakos is in love with life again.  Plans for his new hotel and casino on the Florida
Panhandle are underway.  His budding relationship with Kari Grant, his smart, African-American
girlfriend, is moving along swimmingly.  So swimmingly that he begins to make plans for a
longer-term commitment.

But when dangerous situations begin to hound him, and the new lease on life he had only just
begun to enjoy is threatened, he knows he has to take action.  But action, for a man with Alex
Drakos’s background, always involve danger.  But not only for himself this time, but also for his
new ladylove. And when he asks Kari to accompany him to his homeland in Greece, to meet the
parents, he is gravely concerned that she may no longer want to have anything to do with him,
after that meeting.

In the second episode of the Alex Drakos interracial romance series, Alex and Kari find
themselves in a battle of wits with not just outside forces, but Alex’s own family.
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Pressure is the new normal for Teddy Sinatra.  As the oldest son and heir-apparent to take over the Sinatra
Crime Family, the underworld, his men, and his siblings all expect perfection from him.  His father, the king of
mob bosses Mick Sinatra, is very much still in the game and expects his son to be worthy to someday take his
place.  But when a misunderstanding goes horribly wrong, and Teddy is blamed for the carnage, mob families
take sides against the Sinatras.  Teddy and Mick must join forces in a survival of the fittest unlike any the
underworld has ever seen.  But it is a risky move that will either forever cement the Sinatra family as top dog-
and Teddy as its’ future head, or forever destroy all his father worked to achieve.

At the same time the pressure is mounting on Teddy, African-American barmaid Nikki Tarver is in a pressure
cooker of her own and is in a fight for her survival too.  She only spent time with Teddy once, when he was in
LA on business, but when her life turns upside down she has no recourse but to call on him.  And although
Nikki runs to Teddy for help, it is Nikki, with her toughness, and with her tender love and care, who ends up
helping Teddy.

In the first installment of the Teddy Sinatra interracial romance series, Teddy and Nikki, with a needed assist
from Mick Sinatra, find out just what is required of them to climb that ladder to the big-time, and to stay there.
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Gorgeous billionaire Alex Drakos is ready to begin a new chapter in his life.  With his new
hotel and casino soon to open, his international corporation booming, and the woman of his
dreams within his grasp, life for him is finally looking up.

But when his African-American girlfriend, cleaning service owner Kari Grant, becomes the
target of his vengeful ex, and when dangerous and mysterious circumstances lead them all
the way to Greece for answers, Alex and Kari must stand together against enemies all
around them who peddles in violence and hatred in the face of their love.

What They Did for Love is the third book in the Alex Drakos interracial romance series.
Alex Drakos 3
What They Did For Love
Mallory Monroe
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Gorgeous billionaire industrialist Alex Drakos has just proposed to Kari Grant, his beautiful
African-American lady love.  He purchased for her a brand-new Rolls, gave her a diamond ring to
rival the best ever given, and is making plans for their wedding of the century.  

But life intervenes when a ghost from his past spooks him in a way that rocks his world, and he
must race against time to make sure his prior bad act doesn’t rock the world of the love of his life
and end the only shot at happiness he has ever had.

In the latest powerful installment of the Alex Drakos interracial romantic suspense thriller, Alex
and Kari must fight to hold their world together, and their love for each other, when the rising
tides of vengeance and hate turn violently against them.
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Teddy Sinatra 2
Her Protector
Mallory Monroe
Teddy Sinatra loses a fortune on a deal that goes horribly wrong and his old man, famed
crime boss Mick Sinatra, comes down on him like a ton of bricks.  His voluptuous African-
American girlfriend, former bar manager Nikki Tarver, has just reconciled with him, but
things take a turn for the worse when she agrees to help her criminal father who Teddy
feels doesn’t deserve her help.  His sister, Gloria Sinatra, finds herself with a dangerous
man who harmed her in Teddy’s name, and his father blames him.  Life, for Teddy, as the
heir-apparent to the Sinatra crime family, is yet another rollercoaster ride.

But when Nikki’s life is threatened at the same time that he has to fend off a major mob
war, Teddy drops everything to protect the woman he loves, and together they fight forces
from within and without to reclaim their joy and cement their love.

In the second installment of the Teddy Sinatra interracial romantic suspense thriller,
Teddy and Nikki put it all on the line together, despite the backstabbing and hatred that
seeks to end their love, their happiness, their lives.
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CIA operative and sexy business mogul Trevor Reese has fallen hard for Carly Sinatra, his African-American girlfriend.
To protect her from his enemies, he has worked tirelessly to keep their love for each other and their engagement to
each other under wraps.

But when complications occur during a field assignment that almost cost Trevor his life, her adopted father,
businessman Big Daddy Charles Sinatra, and her uncle, mob boss Mick Sinatra, make it clear that they are not happy
with the way he handled the crisis.  He has to do better by Carly, they warn him.

But just when he’s ready to take it all the way and finally schedule their wedding date, disturbing information about his
past catches up with him and he has to fight to not only maintain Carly’s love, but to gain the love of a son that does not
know him.  And when his son needs his help, he and Carly leave their comfortable life in Boston and travel all the way to
Africa to answer that call.

In the latest episode of the Trevor Reese Interracial Romantic Suspense series, Trevor and Carly realize that Trevor’s
very first meeting with his son, a son in dire circumstances, could also become his last.
Trevor Reese 2:
Undercover Love
Mallory Monroe
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Handsome businessman and feared mob boss Sal Gabrini have his hands full when a rival
crime boss exploits a vulnerability and thinks he can get away with it.  But when Sal’s wife,
African-American attorney Gemma Jones-Gabrini, is arrested on trumped-up charges, he
knows he has to drop everything to take care of her.  But when she is tried and convicted in
an extraordinary courtroom display, the sense of urgency turns into panic.  He refuses to let
such a blatant miscarriage of justice stand.  If he allows them to lock her up, he’s certain she
will never see the light of day again.

Not on his watch.

In the most death-defying episode in their interracial romantic suspense series, Sal and
Gemma are on the run, searching for the bad guys who are trying to take them down, while
depending on no one but their love, their devotion, and themselves to overcome the
incredible, fantastical odds that lay in front of them.  
Billionaire venture capitalist Alex Drakos is in a great place in his life.  He is
days away from marrying his beloved African-American girlfriend, Kari Grant.  
He is weeks away from the grand opening of his brand-new hotel and
casino.  And he has agreed to a bittersweet reunion with his daughter after
her release from prison, a daughter who had betrayed his trust one time too
many.  He feels life is finally his good fortune.

But when people from his past are hellbent on settling scores and
destroying his relationship with Kari, and when three governments declare
him the ringleader of a conspiracy he didn’t know existed, he and Kari must
fight friend and foe to reclaim his good name, and their own good life.

In the fifth installment of the Alex Drakos Interracial Romantic Suspense
series, Alex and Kari finally join as one, despite the challenges around them.
Alex Drakos 5: A REUNION
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Reliable mobster Teddy Sinatra has a lot to prove as the son and heir
apparent to the boss of all mob bosses Mick Sinatra.  From running the day-
to-day of the Sinatra Crime Family to being the go-to guy whenever his
father needs an impossible problem solved, he is usually on the money.  But
lately, he has had more misses than hits, and the dons are beginning to
talk.  But when his own misses, former barmaid Nikki Tarver, is caught in a
web of blackmail and murder, Teddy’s entire focus is on protecting his
woman, even if it means neglecting his duties to his father and the family.

Teddy Sinatra: A Hold On Me is the latest pulse-pounding edition of the
Teddy Sinatra Interracial Romantic Suspense Thriller series.
Teddy Sinatra
A Hold on Me
Mallory Monroe
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Mallory Monroe

Renita “Rain” Hopson isn’t looking for love in all the right places, wrong places, or
any places when hard times hit and she ends up in Jericho, Maine.  All she wants is
a job, a roof over her and her son’s heads, and peace.  Finally, peace.

But can she find all of that, and more, in Jericho?

Heartthrob Robert “Bobby” Sinatra, the bad boy of the Big Daddy Sinatra big clan, isn’
t looking for love either.  As the mayor of Jericho, he has his hands full and has no
interest in putting those hands, or his heart, anywhere else.  But when he lays eyes
on Rain, everything changes.  He wants her.  Badly.  And what Bobby wants, Bobby

Their relationship is a whirlwind, as Bobby goes from a stranger to her rescuer to
her lover in no time flat.  Rain goes from hands off, to hands all over Bobby, just as
fast.  But Bobby has a past.  And Rain has a lot of pain.  And when his past and her
pain collide, will their blossoming, earnest love survive?

Bobby Sinatra: In All The Wrong Places is the first explosive installment in the Rags
to Romance Interracial Romance series.
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A Family Man
Bestselling Author
Gorgeous business mogul Tommy Gabrini is living the good life with his wife
and kids when an old foe appears and shackles his business ventures.  But
when that same nemesis goes after his wife and kids, Tommy goes after him.

With the help of his brother Sal, his cousin Reno, and his Uncle Mick Sinatra
and seemingly the whole of his family, Tommy will not rest until those
responsible for terrorizing those he loves are eliminated from the face of this
earth, one by one.

Tommy Gabrini: A Family Man, is the latest edition in the Tommy Gabrini
Interracial Romantic Suspense Thriller series.
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Billionaire industrialist Alex Drakos thought it would be an easier road ahead.  He
was finally married to the love of his life, struggling African-American cleaning
service owner Kari Grant, and had filed papers to adopt her fifteen-year-old son.  
His hotel and casino were outpacing every measure, and the town of Apple Valley
was finally coming to grips with the reality that unlikely Kari was his wife.

But with success came enemies, and Alex already had his share.  As they sought
to deny him a dream appointment, and as they worked overtime to tear his
relationship with Kari apart, he and Kari held strong, and became determined to
beat back their dangerous naysayers with love and devotion and their own brand of

Until they came for Kari.

Then it was Alex’s turn.

Alex Drakos: For My Lover is the explosive sixth edition to the Alex Drakos
Interracial Romance series.
For My Lover
Mallory Monroe
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Rugged government agent Trevor Reese finds himself adjusting to life with Carly Sinatra, his
brand new bride.  But her father, Big Daddy Charles Sinatra, doesn’t think he’s doing enough
to make his little girl happy, and his brother, former CIA chief Hammer Reese, isn’t doing
enough to keep dangerous assignments out of Trevor’s path.  He also has a grown son that’
s only just come into his life, a son once recruited by Hammer, too, and Trevor’s hands are

But when forces from without seek to destroy Trevor’s new family, and when Trevor himself
gets tangled in their vicious web, he pulls his family closer, under his protection, as he tears
his enemies apart.

In the third electrifying installment of the Trevor Reese Interracial Romantic Suspense Thriller
series, new beginnings give way to old troubles that threatens to cost Trevor everything he
holds dear.
Trevor Reese 3
His Protective Love
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